Another Rough Day.... and Night

I'll make this short and sweet.  Erik and I are going to try to get some rest since we will be up every 2 hours making Lucy go potty.  It's a fun 48 hours for us all, let me just tell ya!  Lucy has felt like crap all day long.  Groggy from anti-nausea medication, nauseated from chemo, tired from vomiting so much and now she has a fever of 102.  All around it has been a not-so-good day. 

I will give her credit to the fact that she just won't let this keep her down.  She worked through OT and PT even though she felt horrible.  She visited with her grandparents and sister, even though she would rather curl up in a ball and sleep.  She's such a fighter.  She makes me want to be a better person.  I love her so much!

 OT with Miss Jordan

 Color time with Daddy

Ok, this gift falls into the "Crazy Aunt Holly" category. We love our new Crocs and we love you Holly and Sada!

 Lucy asleep tonight.  Resting peacefully after a rough day.  She loves the new Buzz blanket she received in the mail. 

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