Well, it was inevitable I guess.  We came in around 4:45 this morning.  Fever was 101 at the Target House.  Fever was 98.7 when we got here.  I am sick about it but we are here until counts rise.  We are all hoping that this is a rebound fever, often associated with rising counts.  I will post more this afternoon.  Right now I am trying to get Lucy ready for OT and then PT. 

Today was supposed to be her first day of school at St. Jude.  She is quite devastated that she is not going to her new classroom.  We even went to Target last night and bought new school supplies to put in her snazzy new backpack.  The teacher is going to come up here and meet with her, but its still not the same. 

Lots to update, but gotta go now.  Praying and Praying for a quick rise in her ANC.  We are all ready to go HOME!
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