Round 3 Has Begun

My sister pointed out today that I promised to update after Wednesday's good news.  When I wrote that I had the best intentions.  And happened.  3 kids, daily trips to St. Jude, dinner to prepare, tumbling classes.  You know, all the stuff (minus cancer) that all other moms have to do every day.  It was so wonderful being with my family for the past few days.  Exhasuting....but wonderfully amazing. 

Jack is walking like a mad man!  I'm so proud of him and just watching him makes my heart smile.  He turns 11 months this week.  Wow!  I just can't believe it.

Ella is busy with school and has started a tumbling class.  I have never seen her so passionate about anything before.  She loves it! 

Lucy is asleep and we need to be headed that way, too.  Tomorrow is the hardest day of the week.  I am dreading it so much. 

I have lost my camera USB cord, so I won't have my good pictures to post until later this week.  I have some from my phone that I am looking forward to sharing tomorrow.  Anyway, I am rambling now and must sleep. 

Thank you all for your prayers. 
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