Last night was bad.  Around 11:00pm Lucy spiked a fever.  Erik went on to bed (he was on morning duty) and I sat on the potty chair by her bedside until 1:00am until her 104.3 fever came down.  I think I went to bed, I don't remember.  I might have just slept on the potty chair.  I just know that I woke up at 6am in my own bed.  She shook with chills for what seemed like an eternity and her breathing was so erratic.  There was no way I could sleep with her in that shape.  The docs started her on Vancomycin and gave her some Tylenol and she began to settle down. 

This morning she spiked another low temp.  She had an EKG early this morning, which is mandatory before they start Cycloposphamide on days 2 and 3.  She screamed through all of that (she hates those sticky probes) and then passed out asleep.  I know she has to be exhausted.  She slept so restlessly, we woke her every 2 hours to pee and then was woken up to an EKG.  Just now she had to have a nasal rinse to culture for an infection in her sinus cavity.  She has had some colored mucus, so it was a mandatory test.  She was so big and brave, but it really scared her.  Scared me, too. 
I'm happy to see her resting right now, watching a little TV.  Our goal is to make it through this last day of chemo without any major hiccups.  If the fever doesn't subside, there is no way we will get to leave on Friday.  That would be so disappointing for all of us.

Praying for a much better day today.

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