Third Time a Charm?

We reported to St. Jude this morning at 8am.  We are waiting on Lucy's CD34 number to determine if we will be doing Apheresis today.  I am dreading every minute of it, but I just want to get it over with.  I had huge plans of uploading pictures of our last few days and doing some posts.  Well...that would have been possible only with my camera in tow.  Oh, well. 

We are praying with all our heart that this third time will complete all of the harvesting necessary for her last 2 chemotherapy treatments.  It's such a hard day for Lucy and I am sick about having to tell her.  The last time we did this she woke up from sedation hysterical.  We are going to try to keep her fairly sedated today for her sake. 

Ugh...I hate today.
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