wonderful news.  Lucy is being discharged to the Target House.  She is feeling so much better. my trip home has been cut short as i neped to get down to the hospital to help Erik pack.  I have to be honest though.  My excitement about Lucy is, for the moment, overshadowed by the immeasurable saddness i feel about leaving Ella and Jack.  Leaving Jack in the church nursery just now not only brought a flood of tears but a flood of 6 months of bad memories as well.  I am ready for this hell to be over  I need it to be.  Lucy needs it to be.  Our family needs it to be.

I am now going to try to get the image of Jack crying for me, reaching out with his hands as I was leaving, and go celebrate with Lucy her new freedom.

Lucy being discharged is such a gift on the Sunday morning.  What a reminder of God's continuous blessings. Even through the highs and even through  the lows, I am reminded that God has a greater plan.  We  WILL have a testimony to share.  I pray that God will continue to provide me with the strenght to get through the next 2 months.  Thank you all for you countless and ceaseless prayers.