Amended RequestW

When I asked for prayer that beds be open for Lucy I think I left off a very important part of that request.  Please pray that a bed would be open for Lucy not solely for the purpose of her receiving treatment but rathr that a bed  or beds be open due to some child or children getting well enough to be discharged.  It's so easy to get totally engrossed in my own problems and honestly I think that is just natural.  However, living the life of a St. Jude mom it only takes one Craing Bridge post, email, or text message to snap me back to reality.

We families bond together.  Complete strangers throwm into similar life circumstances that only we can understand.  Friends and relatives do their best but only those that walk those haunting halls of St. Jude everyday truly know what its like to have a child with cancer.

Lucy needs prayers, they all need prayers. Thank you in advance.