Been Busy

Yes, we've been busy since we've been home but it's been a GOOD busy.  Lots of playing in the floor and building forts.

and after we build forts, some of us (Lucy) are so tired we fall asleep in said fort.

I've also been busy snapping pictures of a cute 11 month old (yes, that's right). 

And that wonderful 11 month old finally slept through the night last night.  It only took him 11 months and 19 days. 
Now, if Lucy could sleep longer than 2 hours at a time we'd actually get some rest.  Oh, well. That will come.  Soon enough. 

 I may not post much this week.  We will be at our actual, real home until Sunday.  If her counts stay up, we will go in Sunday, the 11th for round 4.  I have so much to say about all that and I can't wait to get some thoughts down on "paper," but for now Ella and I are going to scour the internet for a Halloween costume. 

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