Finally Time

**Before I update on the Krull family, I have to ask that you stop right now and say a prayer for our dear friend Lanie and her family.  Lanie's MRI showed that her cancer has spread.  Her parents are now having to make unphatomable decisions about Lanie's future.  We have come to love this family and are asbolutely heartbroken for them.  This is the evil, evil part of cancer that destroys hopes and dreams.  Unfortunately, Lanie will not be the only friend we might lose along the way.  Dear God, I pray that we will all be made whole sooner than later in heaven as you have promised.  I ask you all to remember Lanie, her parents and the children at St. Jude tomorrow in your churches, Sunday School classes and individual prayers.  Lanie and so many other children need a miracle.  We are still praying for one in Lucy's life. **

If the good Lord wills, this time tomorrow night we will find ourselves starting the 4th (and prayfully the last) round of chemo.  So many emotions, so many fears, so many questions.....

We have surely made the most of the past 3 weeks.  We have celebrated 2 birthdays, started soccer, went on field trips, had school pictures, decorated for Halloween and painted the kitchen.  I have been on a de-cluttering tear, donating lots of Goodwill and our children's school. 

I will be posting like crazy this week.  I will be documenting Lucy's week, as I want to remember this last round, and have over 500 pictures to edit and post.  I told you we have been busy!

Thank you for your prayers this week.  We know that Lucy's journey is far from over.  There are still mountains to move and hurdles to cross. 

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