It's Friday 12:02 pm.  Lucy has been asleep since 4:00pm Thursday.  Her little body is so worn down.  My guess is we will not start round 4 as planned.  I hope I'm wrong.  I just have a feeling she is going to need some more time to recover before we do this to her again.  While I'm watching her sleep, I'm catching up on emails and other random to-dos. 

My Dad was on TV the other night.....


He is part of a major campaign that is raising money for our local community college.  I think it's cool to be a part of something that will effect so many lives.  Way to go, Dad!

Lucy felt really good the other day and I never posted this picture.  This was the day before she took a nose dive and felt awful for 3 days straight!

We visited with cousins not too long ago.  The twins are about 1 year older than Ella and besides some time on vacation once, they have really only seen each other 2-3 times.  But that never matters.  They play like they've known each other for decades. 

Some neat kiddos collected money for St. Jude in honor of Lucy through their lemonade stand. They decorated the donation box and people were so generous. $139.04. Thank you so much Jack, Ethan, Olivia (8) and Charlie (7), Teagan (6).  Aren't they adorable?  I love that St. Jude recognized their donation just like they would a million dollar one with a big check and all!  St. Jude rocks and so do these kids!

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