Let Her Sleep

I found the above on Pinterest last night.  It was as if God was sending me a subtle reminder that I needed to be patient and wait.  Let her sleep.  It's ok.  Don't worry. 

And sleep she has.  Going on more than 65 hours of almost straight sleep.  She has awoken to use the bathroom and even woke up for an hour or so yesterday to try to play Wii with her Daddy.  (that didn't go so well.) 

Still running a fever, her body is just worn out.  Her hemoglobin will hold for a day then plummet.  Same for her platelets.  Her white blood cells seem to be holding for the moment at 0.3 (normal range is 4.9-12.9) and her ANC is teetering around 100.  She is receiving another blood transfusion today and will need platelets tomorrow. 

When Dr. P came around this morning we had a long talk about my growing concerns and he reminded me that the team decided to push forward with the full dose of chemo this 4th round, knowing that she was barely meeting criteria.  He even showed me the notes that Dr. G and Dr. T made that said "anticipate slower recovery than before."  It was good to know that this was not alarming to them.  I needed that reassurance this morning.  Because as I was praying with all my heart last night around 3:00am, fear was creeping in faster than I wanted.  Please continue to pray for Lucy.  She still has such a long way to go. 

In other news.....

Our friend Justin is already off of his TPN and should be headed home next week.  Kellan returned home yesterday, too.  It will be hard not having my friends, my confidants with me.  Thank goodness for texting!  My sweet BFF Amanda spent the night with me, giving my dear mother a break.  Mom will be back soon and I am going to go have lunch with my new friend Melissa to discuss Lucy's Make A Wish Trip!  I am really excited about it, but I just pray Lucy is up to it by December. 

Jack came to visit yesterday.  Of course, he won the heart of every woman on this floor and kept us BUSY!  Ella went on a 3 day trip to St. Louis with Erik's parents.  She had a blast and declared that it as the "best 3 days of her life!"  Can't get any better than that, huh?  They even ran into my wonderful friend Nicole and her family at the City Museum.  She had a blast spending her last hours playing with John Owen, Jonah and Mary Claire.  I'm pretty sure my FIL was pretty glad, too.  I think Ella was wearing him out!  She's got one speed and that's full throttle.
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