Not a Great Start

Welcome Home Lucy!

(Sign meticulously made with tons of love by Ella)

Lucy has been so sick since we've been home.  It's been very difficult to adjust to being home with her being down.  Her body hurts, she vomits non stop, and she sleeps a lot.  We have hope that this will all resolve soon, but right now we are just trying to keep her comfortable.  (Which is hard because all of her pain meds are taken by mouth and she can't keep anything down.)  Chemo is a nasty thing. 

We did have a few good hours on Saturday and she actually wanted to be outside for a few minutes.  It was beautiful outside so we took advantage of the afternoon front yard shade and played.  The girls painted nails and Jack was well, Jack.  Into EVERYTHING!!!

We are back at St. Jude everyday this week.  Erik and I look at scans tomorrow so I will report more after I see them.  My hope is that by the end of next week we are home for good.  I'm anxious to get Lucy started with her at-home teacher and PT/OT.  All of this depends, of course, on her ability/willingness to eat.  Pray for an appetite please.  I'm so ready for this nightmare to be over.

Had to include this...we are slowly but surely getting ready for Halloween.

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