Stupid Rules

Sometimes i think the doctors and nurses around here should be shot.  Or at least have to walk in a paarents' shoes for a day.  Whoever thinks its a good idea to wake a sleeping child, one with a 103 fever, to make them stand up and get a weight check is insane.  And of course it was me, not them, that had to lull her back to sleep after she was so upset she vomited all in the bed.

Today has not been a good day.  Baby girl has run a fever off and on, which means extended antibiotic and it pushes our 48 hour fever-free mark out even further.   Lucy slept for more than 24 straight hours, only waking to potty.  Hemoglobin was 6.8 this morning.  She needed blood so badly and it took until 3:00 this afternoon.  They are just now hanging her platelets.
  Sometimes i want to scream about the speed at which things are done here.  Good grief!

After only waking for about 2 hours she is back to sleep and I am getting settled in for another restless night on the couch.  I long for my home and family so badly tonight.