We Have Lift Off!!

Just as the dietitians said she would, Lucy asked for food last night.  We watched with wide eyes in disbelief as she had 3 bites of a chicken leg and 2 drinks of chocolate milk.  We sang her praises and made a HUGE deal about it all.  This morning when we got to the hospital she picked out chocolate milk from Starbucks and had at least 10 sips, followed by 2 bites of turkey at lunch.  Tonight she tore apart a half of a chicken leg.  It is miraculous to say the least.  We are amazed, bewildered and so very thankful.  Please keep the prayers coming, because they are working!

Today I turned in my key to Target House.  I packed up the last bit of stuff to bring home, donated food from the freezer and pantry to some appreciative families and prayed up and down the halls as I walked back and forth between the car and elevator.  I prayed specifically that we would never walk these halls again as a patient, but rather as servants ministering to the needs of unfortunate families.  I also said a special prayer over room 300.  I prayed that God would bless the next family who stayed in that room, that He would bestow mercy and healing on their child and that the family would be able to feel the presence of prayer when they slept at night. 

**Kristie, thanks for taking care of Lucy and letting her play with Justin while I packed.  She had a wonderful time with her friend.**

 I am so grateful for the friends we have made during our stay and ever so grateful to Target Corporation, St. Jude and the countless individuals that make that place run.  The volunteer organizations alone would take a page to list.

****If your church or service group is looking for a place to plug-in, I would recommend Target House or Ronald McDonald House.  The families staying in these houses look forward to the meals brought in and the entertainment provided to their children. **

I have a ton of pictures I took throughout our stay at the TH that I will post soon.  I need time to organize them all. 

 The field trip yesterday was a success.  While we nearly froze to death while we were there, we still managed to have a good time and take some great pictures!

Even the "adults" managed to have a little fun!

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