A Day of Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for 4 things:  The moon, a dinner prayer, The Sing Off and Pink Pony Hot Chocolate.

--Tonight as I took Jack for a quick walk around the neighborhood, he discovered the moon.  Watching that innocent, wide-eyed discovery brought tears to my eyes.  He was absolutely fascinated.

--For the first time in 8 months, we sat down at the table....just the 5 of us.  We ate a meal that Erik shopped for and I cooked.  Ella set the table and Lucy said the dinner prayer.  It was the most wonderful, amazing dinner ever.  Even if it was just tacos!

--Music makes me happy.  Especially accapella music.  The Sing Off rocks!!!

--This year at the Book Fair, Ella chose a cookbook as one of her books.  Remembering how I discovered my love for cooking at her age, I was thrilled to buy it for her.  The first recipe she wanted to make.....Pink Pony Hot Chocolate.  It was a great mixture of vanilla soy milk, grenadine and white chocolate.  After Jack went to bed, we made it as a family.  What a great way to end the day.

Quick Lucy update:  Yesterday Lucy's counts were teetering on acceptable.  This morning we went back and she had taken a pretty big dip in hemoglobin and platelets.  Dr. W is still convinced that she is about to take off any day now.  We did decide to do a blood and platelet transfusion today to give her (hopefully) one last boost to get her over the hump.  She was also a bit dehydrated, so she received fluids.  We will go back next Monday and next Thursday.  If her counts hold both days, she will have her line removed next Thursday.  I am not hanging my hat on that, but its at least something to work towards.

***Thank you all so very much for the wonderfully kind comments from my Sunday morning post.  I am still just amazed how many people care for our family.  God bless you all.***

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