2011 Recap

I don't think I've ever been so excited to see a year come to a close.  2011 was a year I will never forget.  Our lives changed forever on February 23rd and we are still dealing with the aftermath.  Probably will for many years to come.  I've said before that I would never, ever chose this for our lives.  Not for Lucy, not for my other children and not for me or Erik. 

This year alone we have experienced more hurt, more fear, more anger and more heartache than any one person should know their whole life.  Our eyes have been opened to a world we wish we never knew.  We have made friends and we have lost friends.  We have grieved with parents we hardly knew but were so connected to on a deeper level.  We have been to the depths of hell and have celebrated on the mountaintops.  We have learned to trust God, fear God and love God in a way that we have never before. 

Through this year I have been thankful for many things as well.  I am thankful for my friends.  My tried and true friends who have been by my side through it all.  I am thankful for our families.  It would be an understatement to say that we couldn't have made it for even day without their help.  I am thankful for Covington.  The town that I couldn't wait to leave when I was 18 and swore I would never return to.  Oh how I love this town!  The support and love that has been shown to our family is still unbelievable.  We have been overwhelmed and remain amazed by it all. 

I am thankful for the thousands of friends I have never met and will never meet this side of heaven.  Those of you who love my daughter and our family.  Thank you all for coming into our live and walking this journey with us.  Thank you for sharing our fears, tears and victories.  None of you will ever know what a blessing you have been to our family. 

And most of all I have come to stand in awe of the power of prayer.  The prayers that have been said around the globe for Ella, Lucy, Jack, Erik and myself have been felt on a daily basis. I know that the walls of heaven have been shaken as the prayers have flooded the throne of God.  Our Lord has been honored to hear your petitions and we will forever remain humbled by them. 

Lucy's cancer will not define her.  It will not define our family.  Rather, we will use this hurdle in our lives to do great things.  Lucy is destined for something great.  I know she is.  I also know that the rest of our family will rise to the calling of a higher purpose.  My Ella will use the hurt she felt and the compassion she has shown her sister to affect many lives one day.  Jack will read about the road his sister and family walked and will grow to have an unbridled zeal and appreciation for life.  Erik and I are patiently waiting for our greater purpose to be revealed.  Something is brewing and we are holding on tight until we figure out what it is. 

For now, my greater purpose is raising three beautiful children and caring for a wonderful husband.  I am blessed woman for sure. 

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