And So It Goes

I am posting from my phone so this will be short and sweet. Today we met with Dr. W. I love that woman. She was so honest and straight forward and reaffirmed the things that we both knew. 1) Lucy has lost too much weight. 2) We are fighting a major uphill battle. 3). We don't have much time to make hard decisions. 4) even if she does start eating we still have to worry about refeeding syndrome.

So with that being said we left the hospital with a new appetite stimulant and 3 days to gain weight. We will go Tuesday for a weight check and will know then if Lucy is destined for a feeding tube.

Fast forward to post doctor visit. Lucy asks for spaghetti and we set out on a mission to find some. Not many places carry to-go spaghetti. We find some and Lucy goes to town. I haven't seen her eat like that in months. It was so awesome. After she was done we gave her her first dose of medicine.

Fast forward an hour later. Lucy has a violent reaction to her new medicine and mom and dad are scared to death. Panicked called to Dr and one scared little girl. Everyone agrees that her little body is just too run down to handle this medicine.

Lucy is sleeping in my arms right now as we sit in a dark room. I am praying over her with emotions that only a mom can feel. It's in God's hands. I am handing it over to Him completely. I trust that He only wants what's best for her and I know he will provide the answer. Right now I am trusting in Him. That's all I have left.

And wouldn't you know. This really isn't something I can control after all.