Make A Wish

I will never forget the day that Dr. B's head nurse, Tracy, walked into our hospital room, probably a week after Lucy's first surgery, and told me that she had just submitted Lucy's name to Make a Wish. Not knowing much about Make a Wish, except that it was something sick children got to do, I freaked out. In an instant, tears began streaming and I bravely asked "does this mean Lucy is going to die?" That's what I thought it meant when you were granted a wish. I think Tracy was taken aback by this rather frank question and quickly reassured me that Make a Wish was so much more than that.

(Lucy and Becky)

This quote was taken from the Make a Wish website: "a wish experience is frequently a source of inspiration for children undergoing difficult medical treatments and a positive force that helps them overcome their obstacles. A wish experience is often more than a dream come true: It’s the catalyst that rekindles their belief in themselves and the promise of their future."

(Lucy with Allie and Elizabeth)

Do you know that I actually had someone send me a message that our family was greedy and selfish for accepting a trip from Make a Wish. That we were cruel for stealing a child's wish since Lucy was on the mends. I obviously did not respond, since there was nothing I could say to such an ignorant person. However, I stand firm in believing that if anyone deserved a wish come true, it was Lucy.

I do pray that Lucy is healed from her cancer. I also pray that it never, ever comes back. But the sheer hell that my child went through for nearly 8 months made her deserving of this trip and a lifetime more to come. No one will ever know how much hurt Lucy suffered, how this cancer will change her life and what challenges she will face going forward. I love the quote above because moving forward after treatment is a huge challenge. There is such a mindset that these children acquire that makes it hard sometimes to get on with life. They have been knocked down for so long that many forget what its like to live "well."

On Thursday, December 1st, Lucy's class was invited to participate in a Christmas party at my Alma-mater, Covington High School. Little did she know that this was the day she would be granted her wish to visit Disney World to meet Buzz Lightyear! The student body, under the leadership of the Student Council, adopted Lucy as their Make a Wish grantee this year. Our family was honored that our local school was able to grant Lucy's wish. It meant so much more being so personal. A huge thanks to Mrs. Becky Todd for agreeing to make this happen at CHS!!!

The school put together the most wonderful revealment and we were literally blown away.  There were crafts for the kids to do...

There was the reading of the specially written story all about Lucy and her fight from beginning to end..

And a visit from Santa himself...(thanks Walt!!)

Ella and Jack were made to feel so special and Erik and I even got some TV face time!  It was hilarious. 

(this is Erik and I trying to hold ourselves together when they had someone sing "When You Wish Upon a Star.  Serious waterworks!)


Me trying to describe the days' events would never do the experience justice.  All i can say is "thank you" from the very bottom of my heart.  "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

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