Racing for a Cure

The St. Jude Marathon and 5k was held on Dec 3rd.  Team Lucy was well represented by friends, family and strangers alike.  Of the 16,000+ runners, I would take a guess that very few actually personally know a child suffering from a life-threatening cancer.  But like with Lucy, so many people have grown to know and love her through the advent of social networks and the old-timey prayer chains and word of mouth.  So, even if there was not a blood relationship with a child suffering from cancer, there is an emotional attachment for probably each and every runner. 

St. Jude is an amazing hospital and will be a part of our lives forever.   Because of the generousity of people throughout this world, St. Jude is able to help families like ours have HOPE.  Hope for a future, hope for a cure and hope for a life without cancer.  Thank you to all who participated in the Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5k.  Thank you to the ones who walked in honor of Lucy.  And thank you to all who walked in honor/memory of the thousands of children who suffer from childhood cancer. 

A special thanks to those I know that came in from out of town.  It was wonderful seeing so many friends from college (especially all you Pi Phis!)  A huge thank you to Kristie Lyons for organizing our huge group and designing our great shirts!  Team Lucy looked fabulous!!!

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