The Art of Distraction

Tomorrow is Lucy's scan day.  Scaniexity has set in.  I am not nervous, just anxious.  So, today my only goal was to keep myself busy.  The morning started with early tutoring for Lucy and a haircut for me, followed by a few errands run in town.  Thank you Phil Ramsey for my gorgeous picture of Jack and a special thank you to Camille for the very nice gift.  Thank you notes will follow. 

Then we headed to Memphis for dentist appointments for both girls.  Ella was scheduled to have her upper appliance taken out and guess what else....

My baby girl got braces.  I think they make her look so old.  My heart is a little hurt tonight.  My baby girls isn't my baby anymore.  Ugh.  I HATE it!!

Lucy was scheduled for a teeth cleaning.  I was really dreading it for a couple of reasons.  One, she hates to have her teeth brushed.  I think they are still so sensitive due to not being used for so long that she just cries every time she sees a toothbrush.  Secondly, there were many days in the hospital when brushing teeth was just a battle I didn't fight.  Erik and I were prepared to hear that she had many cavities and that her teeth were in horrible shape from the acid erosion from vomiting so much.  Thankfully, in nothing short of a miracle, her teeth looked great!  No cavities, no tartar buildup.  We will consider this a small victory for our team!

Next, we headed to Hobby Lobby for a few activities to keep us busy tonight.  I made hair bows for Lucy's hats.

Then I came home and helped Erik hang the new picture of Jack, put laundry away and sewed Cabone rings on Lucy's blackout draperies in her room. 

Oh, and I prayed a LOT today.  Alternating prayers for Justin and Lucy, I found myself talking with the big Man more than usual.

And on another note, Lucy won't leave the house without at least 2 blankets and 3 stuffed animals.  She's so cute!

And Jack plays so hard every day that he is likely to fall asleep anywhere, anytime!

I thank you all in advance for your prayers tomorrow.  I wish I could begin to explain what I am feeling tonight, but I can't.  So I will only say that my Hope is in the Lord and my strength comes from Him, too.  The prayers going up for Lucy now and tomorrow will help us make it through the worry and wait. 

Thank you for loving my girl!
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