Day 2

Lucy had a really rough night last night.  She had a horrible time emptying her bladder, so around 11:00 pm the nurse came in to do a Foley.  I think it must have scared Lucy enough that she finally went a tiny bit.  It wasn't enough, but it kept the cath away.  Lu finally asked to pee in the bed (which meant a bed pan) and after that she was much more comfortable.  We did have to wake her every 2 hours to make her potty.  Then, on top of that, her vein blew where her IV had been placed and it took 2 nurses and 3 sticks to get another stared at 4:00 am.  We finally got some sleep between 5-9am. 

Today started off better, but she was in a lot of pain from her surgery.  The Dr. had warned us that due to the fact that she was so skinny, she would probably be in a little more pain than the normal child.  Imagine that, Lucy being anything but "normal." But her pain was well maintained and she managed to spend some time playing on the computer and playing with her sticker book.

Tonight we are really watching a low blood pressure issue that she has developed.  The Drs. aren't too worried about it, but it is making me very uneasy.  I am so very tired, but I just can't sleep until I know that her pressure is coming up.  We are going to check every 30 min until we see it come up and then stabilize. 

I got to meet with my sweet friend Kristie and her husband Jerry tonight and was able to love on Justin for a minute.  It wasn't long enough.  Please say an extra prayer for them tonight.  My heart is bleeding for them tonight.

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