Mercy and Peace

Mercy and Peace. 

Two words that cross my lips countless times a day.  Those are the 2 things I pray for on a continual basis these days.  As I pray for Justin, Matthew and Brandon I utter those words with such conviction that I sometimes feel as if my heart will explode. Three children who are coming to the end of their battle with this horrible monster called cancer.  Three sets of parents who are living the worst imaginable hell possible.  Three families who will never, ever be the same.

I pray for mercy on the children and I pray for peace for the parents and families. 

Mercy--something that gives evidence of divine favor
Peace-untroubled, tranquil, content

Can a family living this nightmare even come close to feeling these things?  I truely believe the answer is yes, but only by the absolute grace of God. 

Today I am adding two more children to my prayer list.  I hope you will do the same.

--7 year old Eli Williams, from Athen, Ga, is at LeBonheur this morning having surgery to remove as many tumors as possilbe from his brain and spine.  Some of the tumors they know are inoperable.  I was told that the family also has 3 other children at home that they are leaving behind. 

--A mother who's 7 year old was diagnosed with a brain tumor contacted me today.  How humbled I felt as I shared any piece of advice I could with her.  My heart broke for her as I know what road she is traveling down. 

Cancer is an evil monster.  I will never, ever understand it.   I will never, ever accept it.

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