What I Do......

And don't do.  These days I don't Pinterest, I don't sew or craft, I don't blog stalk and I don't Facebook.  I don't even keep up with my own blog the way I want to. 

But what I do get to do is awesome.  Every moment of my day is set aside for my children.  I am a blessed mommy to be able to be home with my babies.  Do I ever wish I could carve out an hour for myself?  Yes!!!  (and I would spend it at exercising).  But that's ok.  All things in their time.  I'm good.  The kids are good.  Erik is good.  We are enjoying life and every precious memory we make. 

Here are some pictures of our weekend at home.  It was cold, wet and gloomy here so Redbox was our best friend!

 (Jack has discovered his belly button)

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