Beautiful (last) Sunday

Images from a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Fishing with friends and family.  Soaking up the sun and enjoying this precious life God has granted us.  Doesn't get ANY better than this.

Clockwise from top left: Gracen and Ella, Ella caught a fish, Amanda and Lucy, Hyatt, Maddie and Bebe, Topher, Leigh and Benjamin, Maddie and Lucy

Bec (my sister) and Maddie (my neice) fishing

 Maddie and Paw Paw playing with crickets

 Ella fishing

 Erik teaching Jack to fish...sort of

 Nanny and Jack

 Jack spent about an hour throwing huge acorns in the water

Sun bathing beauty in her new summer staple: Hat with neck, ear and forehead protection.  Patients who have received radiation are at a much greater risk for burning for the many, many years to come. 

  Pops and Maddie

 My sweet grandfather.  Ever the master fisherman

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