Happy Birthday Lucy

Happy Birthday Lucy Hannah!

To my sweet baby girl:  you will never know how you have changed my life.  You, through the trials you have faced and the fear that you have overcome, have taught me to be a better person.  You have shown me what courage is.  You have shown me the truest form of faith that could exist.  You have totally redirected my goals in life, my ambitions, my priorities.  You have taught me to live and love every single moment.  You have made me a better person. 

I am honored to be your mother and I cherish the 6 years we have been together.  I knew that when I held your 6 lb 1 oz little body on March 7, 2006 that you were going to be one special little girl.  I pray daily that God would allow you to become the woman that He made you to be.  You were put on this earth to do amazing things.  You already have.  You will ever fully understand how your sweet life has touched so many hearts.  

I love you Lucy.  I love you with every ounce of my being.  Thank you God for choosing me to be Lucy's mommy.  I wear that title like a badge of honor.  

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