A Little Reminder

Today I had a taste of history.  It was not a pleasant meal.

Lucy's first painting in her art class

During PT today Lucy started acting really funny and vomited.  After that she became really lethargic and whiny.  I have to tell you honestly that when her Physical Therapist called me to tell me what was going on I panicked.  The absolute worst thoughts were flying through my head.  I called Erik and we got a game plan together, which involved first calling Dr. W.  As I imagined, she wanted to see her.

I never felt like we were in an emergency situation, but Erik and I were pretty convinced we were dealing with a shunt issue.  With her having clean scans recently, the concern wasn't so much a cancer return (although it could have been), but more an issue of pressure in her brain.  So we shuffled child responsibilities for the afternoon and Lucy and I headed to Memphis (thankfully Erik's parents are here and they have helped so much with the kids.)

Lucy had a CT Scan and a thorough evaluation and I'm happy to report that everything checked out just fine.  Dr. W is still thinking she probably was having a shunt issue at the time her symptoms presented.  More than likely the problem self-corrected and allowed her to recover within a few hours.  It's just something we have to watch.

I am thankful to God tonight for St. Jude, for Dr. W, for Erik, for his parents and for Lucy, Ella and Jack.  The few hours of fear that took over my being was a great reminder of just how precious our lives are.  If you haven't done it already today, go kiss your babies and tell them how much they mean to you.  We weren't dealing with a life-or-death issue today, but I was reminded of how recently we were.  Listening to my baby sing "church" songs on the way home was yet one more reminder of how great our God is.

p.s.--super happy that we got to come home tonight.  Lucy's birthday party is tomorrow and she would have been devastated if she had to miss this one.  Last year's party wasn't one to remember (in the hospital).  Her birthday is March 7th, but we are celebrating at a Pottery place tomorrow.  She is SOOOOO excited.

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