Mani Pedi Day

When Lucy got sick, a local nail salon gave us all a gift certificate for a mani-pedi.  I've been waiting a long time for Lucy to be healthy enough to go and this past Friday we decided to give it a try.  She had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the attention she received.  Lucy is a local celebrity and people make a fuss over her everywhere we go.  She doesn't understand that all these people have been praying and cheering for her the past year.  She just thinks they somehow know her name.  She just walks around smiling!

I took Ella on Saturday during Jack's nap.  This wasn't her first time, but it was just as cool as her first.  She could get real used to this!!

Thanks to Tipton Nails for the nice day out.  It's nice to be able to do something special with my girls every now and then.  I look forward to the wonderful adventures we will have as they grow older.

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