Squeaky Shoes and Surgery

Lucy went in for a check up today at St. Jude and we left with a surgery planned for tomorrow.  In a non-to-uncommon occurrence, her little body is not tolerating her Mickey button.  She seemed to tolerate the extended tube ok, but this Mickey button has been torture.  She is in a lot of pain and it is bleeding.  So...we are going in for a change tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers if you don't mind.  

Here is a picture of what she has right now (I only wish hers looked this pretty):

Mickey Button

 This picture shows a little girl with an extended g-tube, which is what Lucy will have after her procedure tomorrow.  (I grabbed this photo from Google, if you are wondering.)

So, as you can tell the Mickey button is much more desirable for obvious reason.  It will take some getting used to, but I've been assured that she will still be able to swim!

In a totally unrelated note...Jack got new shoes. Both girls wore squeaky shoes and now Jack is getting his chance.  With the first child there were totally adorable.  With Lucy, they were tolerable.  With Jack....well, we will see.  I got these at a local children's boutique here in town, The Freckled Frog, but you can get them just about anywhere children's shoes are sold.  I will admit that they are wonderful in large crowds.  Think zoo, museum, the grocery.  It's hard for them to run off when you hear their every step!

(be sure to turn the music off at the bottom of the page before you watch the video)

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