All About Jack

Well, this is almost a post entirely about Jack.  I would be totally remiss if I did not take a moment to tell you ALL how much your comments have meant to me lately.  I have been blessed this past week by the number of people who have chosen to read this blog and leave a comment.  From the hilarious stories after my post about Jack wearing me out on a daily basis, to the encouraging words after my melt down last night.  I feel so humbled and loved by so many people who don't even know me!  Thank you very much.  

Now...Jack.  Today I took him for his 18 month check up.  Before we left the house he found our stash of Thomas the Train "stuff."  And when I say stash I mean huge Rubbermaid box of trains, tracks and all kind of Thomas accessories.  The obsession started with Ella and moved on to Lucy.  We have the movies, the toys, the sunglasses...we have it all!!  Now Jack seems to be hooked.  I love it!

Jack had a wonderful check up.  I have to add that Dr. B came in and said she refused to tell anyone else in my family bad news.  Between Lucy and recently Maddie, we've kept her busy.  I love that woman.  Jack weighed 27 pounds and was 33" tall.  He registered above the 75th percentile in both.  He is right where he should be developmentally, now that he has started talking.  I made a list of the words he can say and he surpassed what Dr. B had wanted to hear by 24 months!  Way to go J-man.

Here is a funny video from our chaotic dinner last night.  Jack had his first lemon.  Isn't it our obligation as a parent to let our children eat a lemon and then laugh hysterically at them as they make the worse faces? Before you watch it be sure to pause the music at the bottom of the page.  Also, I put one of Lucy's shirts inside out on Jack if you are wondering why he is wearing ruffles.  Lastly, oh my gosh!  I have the worse laugh in all the world.  Enjoy!

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