Agony and Victory

Good morning to the wonderful prayer warriors that held us up yesterday.  It was a long day and even longer night.  The latest we have ever gotten results from Lucy's scans was 7:30pm.  At 11:30 last night we reluctantly went to bed with sick stomachs and minds filled with doubt and fear.  Apparently at 2:30am, Dr. W texted me with the results (she was on call and had gotten very busy with sick patients).  We did not receive them until 7:00 this morning.

Lucy's scans were CLEAR and her spinal fluid contained NO cancer cell.  Praise God!  He has answered our prayers one more time.
Lucy celebrating with new shoes!

We are so excited around our house about Lucy's great news today that dancing was the first thing Jack thought about!

Look, Lucy even got in on the action.  Look at her lifting one foot at a time and balancing.  Amazing!

Oh, and Ella.  Well, she has just "flipped" over the news!

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