Meet the Doctors

Want to meet two of Lucy's doctors?   see Dr. Boop here.  One of the world's foremost experts in neurology.  Master surgeon and a true hero in our book!  He's the one who performed the 9 hour surgery to remove the tumors in Lucy's brain and spine.  see Dr. Klimo here.  He's the surgeon who put in Lucy's shunt.  The dreaded, but necessary, surgery that allowed Lucy to start on the road to recovery.

I don't think I ever shared some of our favorite nurse/doctor pictures from St. Jude.  Here are some of our special friends:

Mrs. Penny, the Voice of St. Jude

Dr. T from Bone Marrow Transplant

Courtney, nurse from Patient Care

Rose, from BMT


Pam, Recovery nurse
Sarah, Jenn and Leigh from BMT

Ashley from Child Life

Candace from Triage

Dr. S from BMT

Erin from School

Janet from Triage

Katie from the Medicine Room


Janette from Social Work

Kristen from the Medicine Room

Margaret--Line Nurse

Nicole from BMT

Susan from BMT

Oh, how blessed we have been and continue to be by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and LeBonheur.  To have these world class hospitals in our back yard is almost too good to be true.  Thank you God for putting us in this place at this very time in our lives.  I will forever be grateful.

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