Our Easter Celebration

This Easter proved to be one of the most interesting in a long time.  We started Good Friday spending time with friends and family.  We dyed 1,486,537 eggs and all the kids had a wonderful time.

Later in the evening Erik and I went to LeBonheur to visit friends of our best friends, Nelson and Amanda.  Nelson's college buddy has a young son who was recently diagnosed with Medulloblastoma.  I swear I don't understand.  It makes me so very angry.  So much hurting in these little ones.  After dinner we ate at one of my favorite spots downtown, The Majestic.

Saturday we worked inside and outside the house getting ready for our Easter Egg Hunt.  We invited a few friends over, grilled burgers, opened a pinata and then hunted eggs in the dark.  Thanks to Pinterest, I found a super cool idea for an egg hunt where the eggs were filled with glow sticks.  Needless to say it was a lot of work but well worth every minute.  The kids thought it was amazing and had a blast!

Sunday morning proved to be a kicker, as I woke not bring able to move.  At all.  It had started Thursday with a stiff neck but by Saturday night had progressed to acute joint pain, swollen extremities and a nasty rash all over my body.  While I tried to get the kids ready for church (what little help I was) I debated over going to the ER.  I wrestled with the idea until I decided that no matter how miserable I was I would not miss Easter Sunday.  I'm glad I went to church, as it was a wonderful blessing, but I was so uncomfortable the whole time I was there.  So, anyway, I felt horrible and had no energy to fight Jack for pictures.  I probably have the worse Easter pictures ever.  Oh, well.  They will definitely be filled with a memory for sure!

Seriously, this is the best picture of this little wild child I was able to snap!
After church we had lunch and an Easter egg hunt at my parents.  I was able to stay for lunch, but by 2:00 I was headed to the ER.  Long story short and another doctor appointment today, I still have no answers.  I am being treated with heavy antibiotics in case I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  I seem to think it may be fifths disease.  There are a gamut of auto-immune tests being run. I'm fine and already feel better after a Cortisone shot and starting a Medrol dose pack.  I'm tough!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  Christ is Risen.  He is Risen indeed!

p.s- thank you all for prayers for my grandfather and niece.  My grandfather had a good CT scan the other day and we are praising God for the good news.  Maddie has unfortunately been diagnosed with Celiac disease.  While it is a life altering diagnosis, it is not life threatening and is far better than many of the alternatives.

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