The Verdict is In

I thought I would have received all my blood work back today but in all honesty I don't even need it now.  When Ella woke up with screaming red checks I knew that my theory had been right.  It was Fifths Disease that made me so sick and now Ella has it.  Luckily in children there are no major side effects or symptoms.  A nasty rash, a little fatigue and that's about it.  I let her stay home today so that she could rest and give the rash a day to heal.  Lucy went on to school and stayed all day so it was just me, Ella and Jack.

This is what Ella did all day......

I took her to Wal Mart this morning to grab some new books and she chose a Dork Diaries Journal and a Wimpy Kid Diary and worked ALL day on her projects.  I don't think the TV came on for more than 30 minutes.  Ella is an avid reader and she can do it crazy fast!  For the most part she didn't mind staying inside, but by 3:30 my little bird was ready to fly.

So was this one.  How cute is he with his popsicle?

Everyone turned in early tonight.  I have to be honest and admit it was nice when everyone was sound asleep by 8:00.  It's been so very quite in this house tonight.  Ah...I better enjoy it now.  It will be a long time until it happens again.

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