Feeling Fine

I'm feeling better today.  Guess it's a good thing, because someone forgot to tell Jack that Mommy needed a chill day.

Summer begins for us on Wednesday.  It's Ella's last day of 2nd grade.  I'm anxious about how our days are going to go once we are all three home.  Lucy will continue with tutoring 3 times a week and we have decided to fight insurance for PT and OT extensions to carry her through the summer.  Ella has two camps, they both have a week of VBS, we have two trips with our families planned and a summer of "living" to catch up on.  Ella is doing swim team this year and we are hoping Lucy will adapt to the water soon so that she can begin swimming lessons/ water PT.  I'm buckling my seat belt because I know we are in for a ride!

Oh, and Jack.  Well, he got an "ish"

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