I Hate This Shunt

So things haven't been going so great around our house the last few days.  To put it in perspective and to keep the BIG picture up front...Lucy had great scans!  However, the Lumbar Puncture that helped us verify no cancer cells also caused her shunt to malfunction.  After we celebrated Friday, things began to go down hill.  By Saturday afternoon, we were able to keep Lucy awake and she had a terrible headache (along with a lot of vomiting).  We knew that a trip to the ER was immediately in our plans.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Amanda, Sarah, Hogan and my parents for coming to our rescue with Ella and Jack.  We headed to St. Jude first, thinking that what she had was a spinal headache.  This was our poor girl on the way down.

This was Lucy at St. Jude.  We had to keep the lights off and she stayed buried under the covers the whole time we were there.  My heart was just broken.

Lucy and I got to take our 3rd ambulance ride of the year over to LeBonheur, after the radiologist confirmed that her ventricles were in fact enlarged.  We knew immediately that we were dealing with a shunt issue.  This has been one of my biggest fears since the shunt was placed.  I wish with all my heart my baby didn't have it.  I often wonder why she was dealt the hand of meningitis along with brain cancer.  I mean, wasn't the cancer enough?  One of the big questions I'll have when I reach the pearly gates for sure.  

It was a very late night and we got very little sleep, since we were all up at 7:00am for surgery.  Luckily Dr. Boop was able to repair the shunt without having to do a total revision.  And by that afternoon she was a totally different child.  She even walked to the play room to play the Wii.  

By Monday morning we were on our way home.  

 But the joy didn't last very long.  AT ALL!  10 minutes away from LeBonheur, Lucy started vomiting again.  This continued through the day/night and when we called Dr. Boop he wanted us to come in the next morning ASAP for a CT scan and exam.  My poor baby was still so very sick.

Luckily the CT scan was clean so we knew we weren't dealing with a shunt issue again.  Unfortunately, what she was suffering from was a spinal headache remaining from the Lumbar Puncture.  Only time and a lot of rest will heal that.  And of course, a nice box of goodies sent from our friends in Pennsylvania at St. Paul United Church of Christ in Allentown, PA.  Thank you guys so much!

This road to recovery has been hard.  I won't lie.  I will also be honest and say that I'm having a hard time right now.  Questioning a lot.  I'm pretty mad, too.  Not mad at God, just mad at the whole situation.  All of it.  It makes no sense.

Today (Wednesday) was a little better for Lucy.  We are praying that each day she will feel a little better and will soon be back to her "old" self.  "old" being 1 week ago.

Thanks for the prayers!

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