Ella's First Triathlon

Today Ella participated in our town's first annual kids triathlon.  She swam for 50 meters, biked for 1 mile then ran for1/4 mile.   I can't even begin to explain how excited she was about this event.  To be honest, I was as nervous as a cat this morning.  My adrenaline was pumping, so I can't imagine what Ella was feeling.

Yesterday, we spent some time driving over the course and practicing her transitions.  When this morning came, 9:30 couldn't get here soon enough.  In the first event, the 50 meter swim, Ella completely dominated. She was the first one out of the pool and had quite a lead on her bike.  She lost a little speed when she had to ride her bike on a gravel path, but she managed to regain her pace one she hit the pavement again and led the pack the rest of the way.

In the picture above you can see a bit of me running with Ella.  I am no runner (at all) but when I saw her round the corner with sheer exhaustion in her eyes I went down and met her and ran with her to the finish.  She ended up with a 2nd place finish and I was absolutely amazed at her performance today.  She really, really wanted a medal and bless her heart she got one!  2nd place in her very first triathlon.

The exhaustion didn't last long.  As soon as she got her medal and some orange slices she perked right up and was able to cheer on the others as they finished.

 Way to go sweet baby girl!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.

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