Slumber Party

Tonight's post will be super quick.  I just wanted to let everyone know that Lucy had another good day.  She has been very tired today, but steadily making progress.  Her appetite still continues to be strong and she walked from the bathroom to the bed (with help) 4 times today.  OT was a bust, as she slept a good bit of the afternoon.

We were surprised by a visit from our friends the Watkins.  For those of you who have been following from day one, you will remember Lanie.  Lanie passed away from her fight with Medullo this past year.  Her parents drove yesterday for about 7 hours to come visit with us.  It was such a surprise, but I have enjoyed every single moment we have spent together the past 24 hours.  They are amazing people and we have shared so many of the same experiences.  Cancer is a horrible road to travel, but sometimes there is comfort in knowing that (unfortunately) there is someone who understands.  REALLY understands.

We are having a slumber party tonight..complete with science project and everything.  We made these focus bottles that I found on Pinterest.

Ella is curled up in the fold out chair with Erik, although I am about to move her onto the couch with me.  Lucy is out and I've got my eyelids open with toothpicks.  Sleep is calling.  I am going to answer.

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