Anatomy of a Family Picture

This is what happens when I try to make a picture play out in real life like it does my mind.  Utter failure.  To be fair, it was late and the kids had already posed for a million pictures.  This, however, was the picture I really wanted.  The outfits were perfectly planned and the canvas was already made (in my mind.)  Oh, well. Better luck next time.  

We did manage to get some great family shots, but not without a few funny ones that make us laugh.  This one was the funniest by far.  It is seriously the worst picture ever of myself and my sister in law is probably going to kill me for posting this!

In the end, there were some frame worthy pictures to be proud of.  I have bought a couple of Groupon deals for Canvas on Demand and I have been so pleased.  I think some special grandparents might be getting pictures for Christmas this year.  

Then, there are always the ones that just happen.  The best pictures are rarely ever planned:

For those that asked, we stayed at the Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.  The beach trip was wonderful.  Is it time to go back?

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