Back in the Saddle

Last Wednesday night, as I sat writing a Lucy update for this blog, Erik says "I've got an idea."  He then proceeds to tell me that he thinks I should leave in the morning and head to the beach to spend a day with Ella and Jack.  Those that know me best know that I am the least most spontanious person ever.  I even like to plan my plans.  Something was diferent about this, though.  It was an opportunity to see my children and I knew instantly that I had to go.  It would be a 5.5 hour drive.  I would only get to spend one full day with them and would have to leave before they even woke up the next morning.  It was a no brainer.  I had to see them.

The next morning I had a meeting scheduled with the Rehabilitation Day Program.  This will be the next step in Lucy's recovery.  I'll be giving more details as the week goes on about that, but its going to an awesome and we are really fortunate to be a part of it.  Anyway, after the meeting was over I hopped in the car and headed to Orange Beach, AL.  When I arrived I headed straight to the restaurant where my family was.  No one but my sister knew I was coming.  Imagine everyone's surprise when I came around the corner.  My mom and dad both cried, Ella screamed and Jack literally climbed out of his high chair and on to the table trying to get to me.  It was the most wonderful moment.  

The whole next day we spent in the ocean or playing on the beach.  I have come to the conclusion that both Ella and Jack should have been born on the West coast.  Ella was made to be a surfer girl and Jack is happiest in the water. It was so neat getting to watch both of them ride the waves, splash in the surf and squeal every time water splashed in their face.  For fear of sounding trite, I will say that the whole day was magical.

Leaving Saturday morning was as hard as leaving the very first time.  I cried half way out of the city.  Yet while I was heart broken from leaving them, I was as equally thrilled to be seeing Lucy again.  I sure missed that sweet girl.  The best part of the day came when I pulled into Atlanta and headed straight to the airport. Amanda flew in to spend a few days with me and Lucy and the timing was perfect for me just to grab her on my way back into town.

We also had some very special visitors yesterday and today.  My friend Kristie and her husband Jerry (Justin's parents) came to visit.  This was the first time I had seen them since Justin's funeral.  Kristie and I have such a special bond.  It was so wonderful seeing them both, but I know being here was hard for them.  Please keep them in your prayers.  The road they are traveling is not easy and there are still so many wounds that need healing.

Tomorrow is a very busy day for Lucy.  We ask that you continue to pray for strenght, stamina, sustained appetite and more independance.  Lucy is making great strides, but she still has so far to go.  As of now I expect to be in Atlanta for another month.  It's a long time for our family to be seperated but I remain convicted that we have made the right decision and Atlanta is where Lucy needs to be.  We will stay here until everyone feels it is time for us to go home.

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