Even Superman Gets Sick

(posting tonight from my phone)

For the third night in a row, Erik and I took turns rocking a sick baby while in between cleaning up vomit sheets. Fun times!

I took Jack to see the doctor first thing this morning and as I feared he had a double ear infection and a horrible looking throat. Once I got him back home and settled with Hogan it was off to Memphis for a few errands and OT and PT at Lebonheur. We even had a fun lunch at Pei Wei (our favorite lunch spot) with Amanda, Gracen and Hyatt to kick off the start of school. Yep, our kids start back August 6th!

Lucy and I didn't get home until after 6pm and by then Jack was defiantly a little worse for wear. Poor baby. He did manage to muster up the energy to do "Superman" like the girls though. I think it was a but much, as I ended up giving him his first breathing treatment soon after.

Tomorrow is another full day. It's back to Memphis for me and Lucy, Ella has a dentist appointment and tumbling and Jack is ready for a day of momma lovin. Here's to a good nights sleep.