Go Team USA

This wasn't the post I had in mind for tonight. However, when we got home from the mountains I discovered that my computer screen is on the blink. Once upon a time this would have been enough to put me over the edge, but thankfully this new perspective on life has me staying pretty calm. I will admit that there is a tiny storm of the crazies brewing as I think about all the pictures (Atlanta, beach, mountains) that are still on my hard drive. Praying it's just my screen and not the hard drive that's messed up.

So...since I wont be working on pictures tonight I guess I will sit with my family and watch the Olympics. I love the summer Olympics and can't wait to share in the excitement with the girls. Four years ago I neary had a heart attack every time Michael Phelps swam. I honestly should have been on the podium with him as much work as I put in. Well, maybe not but I was his biggest fan!

Ella was just watching beach volleyball and I heard her ask her daddy, "Doesn't sand get in their bikini?!". That girl cracks me up.

I hope to resume posting pictures and writing about our beach and mountain trips tomorrow. Until then, Go Team USA!