Old Tricks for an Old Dog

I know the saying is never try to teach an old dog new tricks.  In our life it seems to be more teaching old dogs old tricks.  Like, learning how to live again with all the same challenges as before but this time they are about ten fold.  Just ask the people who sat near us at the Mexican restaurant tonight.  I'm sure they thought we had never taken kids out in public before.  Jack wasn't so bad tonight, but Lucy was a different story.  Please, if you see us out, please understand that Lucy is experiencing some social anxiety issues right now and this is all very new to us.  We really don't know exactly what to do or what to say to her.  We are meeting with a child psychologist next week and I am really excited about.  I think it will be good for all of us.

Anyway....learning to adjust to our new normal seems to be an everyday challenge.  I'll take it though.  It sure beats the alternative.  I'm sure there is an art or a science that we will create for our family.  For instance, when Mommy wants to go to dinner for a girls night out we just have to start the bedtime routine about an hour early.  Since Lucy can't be left alone for any period of time, its imperative that all baths and bedtime activities are complete before one person is left alone with all three kiddos.  No big deal, unless girls night out starts 30 minutes before bedtime even begins.  Oh, well.  Being 45 minutes late is no big deal.  Right?

We've been busy since we came home at the end of last week.  Visiting friends, visiting family and trying to remember what normal life is like.  Last night we ate dinner with our friends Cissy and Cliff and their precious children.  We had so much fun and the kids played well together.  Well, everyone except Lucy.  But that's a work in process I hope.  Tonight, as I mentioned, we ate dinner with Leigh and Chad and celebrated Benjamin's 7th birthday.  It was fun, even amidst the personal chaos.

Eating chocolate cake with Maddie

Birthday boy Benjamin, Lucy and Leigh

I might not be able to learn old tricks again, but this little one sure seems eager...

I love this little boy.  He makes my heart smile.  He has been amazing since we've been home.  He has changed a lot over the past 6 weeks.  He's calmed down a lot, he listens, he plays by himself.  God really knew that I needed a break.  And Ella hasn't disappeared.  She's just on vacation with her cousins this week.  I can't wait to get her back home.  I miss her like crazy and Lucy has been very lonely.  Jack misses her too. He walks around the house yelling "YaYa" all day long.  We will be together soon and I can't wait!

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