Playing Catch Up

I know we are in the mountains, but I can't post those pictures until I finish posting about the beach.  Blame it on OCD, but I just can't handle my book being out of order this year.  I've got some major catching up to do and so little time.  This post will mainly be pictures, but I took some great ones and want to remember our wonderful vacation. Installment 1:

During our family photo time, Jack decided he had other things he'd rather do:

And Ella.  Wow!  I think she gets more beautiful every day.  I am so proud of these pictures.

This was our view from the balcony.  I am not afraid of heights, but I am a self diagnosed sufferer of High Place Phenomenon.  It's crazy, I know, but it creates this amazing anxiety that takes over my body.  It's awful.  That means that I don't go out on the balcony for the first few days of any trip and I have to go inside when any of my children are out there.  Totally irrational, I know.  After the fear subsides in a day or two, I always enjoy reading a good book looking out over and listening to the ocean.  This particular day I was waiting on Jack to wake up from his nap and reading something very insightful like US Weekly or People I'm sure.

My absolute favorite pictures are below.  Every single day we were at the beach we saw rainbows.  This particular day we saw double rainbows.  We liked to think that God was sending us a sign that everything was going to be ok.  Our hearts and minds were heavy this vacation and each day when we saw the rainbows we seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

More to come....

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