A Day at the Doctor

This time it was Jack's turn. After 2 weeks of being sick, it was time to visit the allergist. I was born with an allergy shot in my arm. I'm allergic to everything in the environment (and have asthma), but pregnancy seems to have been very kind to my sinuses. I haven't had a sinus infection or allergy attack in a very long time (knock wood.). Erik and Ella both take allergy shots right now and Lucy had a million food allergies as a toddler. Seriously! Was here any other fate for Jack?

He did great today and I was so proud of him. He stood very still for his chest X-ray and handled the allergy injections just fine. After it was said and done it was determined that he has a chronic sinus infection, cloudy lungs on the verge of pneumonia and he is allergic to trees, dogs and cats.

I think I will seriously open a pharmacy in my kitchen!

My computer is still down so I can't organize these pictures like I'd like to on my phone. I also can't add a caption. So, what you are seeing below is Jack's back after the tests were administered and then some gratuitous Jack pictures. But honestly, who could ever get enough of this smile?