Another Long Day and Another Scan

(Posting from phone again. Still no computer screen.)

Jack is continuing to improve. Last night was better (no vomiting) but he is definitely still sick. Yesterday after a long day in Memphis with Lucy I walked into a ticking time bomb. Within 1 hour we were back in the van headed to Memphis. This time with Jack to the pediatrician. He got another breathing treatment and we were sent home to deal with an Albuterol kid. I'm praying tonight We will all get some rest.

Tomorrow will be another long day for Lucy and me. She has her 3 month scans tomorrow and we have to be at St. Jude at 7:15am. This may be the only time we go into scans feeling very confident we will get great news. It does take a lot of stress off but the price we paid over the last 6 weeks makes it hard to appreciate. We are all still recovering from the relentlessness of the full trauma.

Tomorrow will make 4 long and stressful days of hard work for Lucy Add that to a sick baby and you have one tired household. My birthday is Friday and some friends are planning a dinner (sans kids) and I hope I am able to stay awake long enough to enjoy the night. :)

Lucy had her much anticipated meeting with the psychologist today. There were many things I wanted to discuss but the conversation centered around us talking to her about our decision to let her stay back in Kindergarten this year. It was agonizing to be real honest. It was a painfully hard decision for Erik and I and Lucy took it pretty hard. She is most upset about being separated from Hyatt. He is her best friend, her guardian, her comfort. I know she will adjust but today was a hard reality for her. None of this has been easy, but separating her from the friends she has known since birth has been probably the hardest pill for me to swallow.

Praying for her acceptance of this news and acclamation to the changes is top on my prayer list right now. That and clean scans tomorrow. Our family would appreciate it if you would lift up a prayer too. Thank you all for you continued love and support. We are a very blessed family.

P.s. I am wanting to start a link up party that will happen each week. I have received so much encouragement and helpful advice from so many of you over the past year and a half. I am hoping to start a weekly link party that will allow us all to share and support each over, since we have become such a great family. If you have any ideas for topics I would love for you to tell me. I have a few I want to start with but my creative juices seem to be running low these days. Let me know what you think about a weekly party!