Fun Friday--Family Organization

I am really enjoying these Fun Friday posts!  I am an organization freak, so I am so excited about this post.  I have always lived most comfortably with an organized life.  Now, our lives mandate it.  It's not an option.  Here are a few things I couldn't live without.  First and foremost is my Erin Condren planner.  In college I started using the Franklin Covey planner and I kept it for at least 10 years.  After that I bought multiple planners, trying to find one that did everything I wanted and needed.  Last year, I found it.  I have just ordered my 2013 planner and it should be in any day.  I can't wait.  I'm like a child at Christmas--filling in the blanks, planning my year in advance.  Oh, sweet joy!

Next, I use this meal planner that I found at Target to plan our meals for the week.  There is even a tear out page for your grocery list.

 Mornings at our house are crazy and nights are crazier.  I know you ALL can relate to this.  It has little to do with cancer and everything to do with 3 kiddos!  I created this check list for Ella so that she can be responsible for getting herself ready each morning and night.  I have it taped to her bathroom mirror so that she sees it first thing and last thing each day and night.  So far its worked really well.  Hmm, maybe I need one for myself.

Laundry mountains are one thing that we all probably have in common.  Every mother rues the moment when you fold the last piece of laundry and then triumphantly declare that everything piece of laundry in the house is clean.  And look down and your 2 year old has spilled a drink in the kitchen which requires 18 towels to clean.  Oh, and never mind that all 5 of you are wearing clothes that when removed will instantly make your laundry room look like Fred Sanford's house.

A few years ago I came up with this system.  It worked really well for a family of 4.  I'm still not sure how to incorporate Jack into the mix. Right now, the other 4 of us have our own bin and all folded clothes go straight into the appropriate spot.  I hang the majority of our clothes, so the bins mainly hold PJ's, shorts and undies.

Also in my laundry room is a shelf that holds 3 sweater size boxes.  At the beginning of a school year (or for Jack's first few years) each child gets a new box.  Every memento for the year goes in and then the box will be stored in the child's closet until I find a better spot for them.  It works really well for me and because the box isn't huge it forces me to be selective of the work/art I keep.

As I said, I'm a nut for organization.  I label my linen closet shelves, my kitchen pantry is lined with labeled baskets...I'm a little OCD at times.  However, this post is about organizing my family.  So, I'm going to end with this picture.  I bought this display piece this summer at Patina, which is located on our town's square.  I love it and the red looks awesome on my green kitchen walls.

How do you organize your family?

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