As I wait for Lucy to return to me from her procedure, I am ashamed. Three different moms have come up to me today, recognizing me from this blog, having prayed for my daughter for so long. Now fighting their own battles. Totally submerged in their own fear, yet still telling me that they are praying for Lucy.

I am humbled. I am unworthy of their prayers. All I had to offer was a hug of compassion and a few tears of support. Especially for Reeds mother. I could hardly find the words to say. Just tears.

How many days have I walked through these halls lately so totally consumed with my own worries and quite honestly mad about being here that I have forgotten the others? There are so many here. Children suffering . Parents greiving.

But this is the place of hope, and I tell these new mothers this. May God bless and have mercy on them all.