I {heart} Fun Fridays!

I Fun Fridays!

It's that time again.  Our 2nd Fun Friday blog party.  This one is going to be a little different than the last, so I will explain just what to do.  For this blog party, you will need to have written, or write, a post on your own personal blog that relates to today's topic.  I know that this topic will not relate to everyone and I apologize.  Please check back next week, though.  You never know what's in store!  And if you don't have a child with special needs, but have come across some interesting articles or blogs about school and children with special needs please feel free to include those.

So, for me, getting ready for school this year was a little different that the past years.  After having met with the county's PT and OT, I had to make sure that Lucy's school was going to be able to accommodate her and her needs.  Thankfully there weren't too many issues that needed to be addressed.  First and foremost, I had to order a medical id bracelet.  With Lucy's recent diagnosis of cortisol insufficiency, it is imperative that she wear one at all times.  This is not the one I purchased, but it is so cute.

Secondly, during our walk through with OT and PT we discovered that Lucy's legs are not long enough to reach the floor when sitting on the bench in the cafeteria.  It wouldn't normally be a big deal, but with Lucy's weak back it was just too uncomfortable for her.  So, I purchased a cute step stool and wrote her name all over it so that she will have it each day during lunch.

Lucy will be taking a nap at school each day and she needed a pillow.  I wanted to get her something special so that she would look forward to nap time at the end of every day.  I've always loved the brand little giraffe
and when I found this pillow I knew Lucy needed it.  Thankfully it was on clearance at my favorite local boutique, The Freckled Frog!


And last, but certainly most important was Lucy's rescue medications.  I just got a simple clear box and made sure that each medicine was perfectly labeled and had instructions on how and when to use them.  I also made sure I met with Lucy's teacher and the elementary school assistant one day before school and carefully explained the medicine and answered any questions.  

So, that's it.  I am willing to bet that many of you have to go to much greater efforts to get your children ready for the new school year.  I can't wait to read what you have to say!

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