Neurosurgery Check

Today we had to take Lucy to St. Jude for a post operative check up.  We always actually enjoy these visits because it gives us a captive audience with Dr. B.  If only for 5 minutes, we have him all to ourselves.  We try to gleam as much information from him as possible without annoying him with our game of 20 questions :)

Lucy had a weigh in.  Drum roll......... 17 kilos!!!!!  That's 37.4lbs, baby!  38 lbs is what Lucy weighed the day she was diagnosed.  February 23, 2011.  She is almost there.  With the way she has been eating lately I bet she hits it by next week.  I am going to buy stock in Eggo's waffles and syrup.

Daddy got to come with us today and that was a special treat.  Lucy was very excited he was there and I was pretty thrilled, too.  Having an extra hand just takes a little bit of pressure off of me to remember everything the doctors say and I always forget to ask certain questions when I am alone.

The best news of the day is that her most recent pathology and cytology reports came back and there was NO sign of cancer or infection in her brain.  When the holes were drilled in her skull the fluid that was expelled was a little questionable.  I haven't really mentioned it to anyone because honestly, it was just easier to not talk about.  There was a collective sigh of relief in the room once Dr. B told us the news.  Thank you God!  We still don't have an answer as to why she retained the fluid in the first place, which unfortunately means that we don't have a definitive way of preventing it from ever happening again.  We will be standing vigil though.  Always looking for changes.

My eyes are blurry tonight.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the mountain of medical bills and EOB's that I poured over all night.  Hmmm.....

And thank you all for the well wishes for Ella.  She is feeling much better, but she is milking this for all it is worth.  Bless her heart!  We are happy to oblige, as she has played second fiddle for almost 2 years now.  Oh, and I know you guys think I'm an idiot.  I'm really not.  I understood that having Ella's tonsils removed would not guarantee she wouldn't get strep again but I have to be honest and tell you her doctor sure made it sound is if it wasn't very likely.  Oh, well.  "It's all good" (in the immortal words of Pete the Cat--Lucy's new favorite character.)

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