The First Day

(computer is being repaired so its back to the phone for posting)

Ella's first day was wonderful. She only went for a half day today and she loves her new teacher. Our school is brand new and the kids had a great time exploring. Lucy does not go until tomorrow. She will also go for a half day, but we did go today to get some things in line. Sending her to school isn't as easy as packing a lunch and back pack.

This very thing is what has inspired my first few ideas for the link party I will be starting this Friday. For the first link up I am going to let everyone share their blog address. You guys know me, but I don't know you at all! I think it will be so fun reading about you guys (and each other) for a change.

Then the second link party will be dedicated to parents/children who have special needs going back to school. Maybe you guys have some ideas to share or resources that might be of help to other mothers. I know I found some really cool things today as I was searching for a cute medic bracelet for Lucy today.

Last, but not least, I need your help. I've gone way too long without a good nights sleep and I can't think of a catchy title for the link party. Any ideas?!?!

(the picture of the kids below is our morning routine. Chocolate milk in bed watching cartoons before school. I live for these moments.)